Historytelling is a factual Tv series written by History.
Historytelling is an innovative entertainment and in-depth format that tells the events and protagonists that changed the course of History.

Through an accurate historical reconstruction, each episode investigates facts, protagonists and dates that are fundamental in order to understand our Past and to have a clearer vision of present times.
Historytelling allows the audience to relive the important circumstances that signed the course of our society, the milestones that determined a move-forward in History..

Examples of the subjects explored are: the Augustan Era, the Anglican Reform, the appearance and diffusion of money, the financial crisis of 1907 in New York, the Order of the Temple, the Italian bankers of the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, the mysteries of Caravaggio, and more.

Shot entirely with the green back technique, Historytelling is an innovative Tv series that integrates suggestive and powerful backgrounds realized combining a mixture of graphic and visual techniques, in order to tell each epoch in the most evocative and accurate way.

There are moments in History that deserve to be told, explored, investigated.
Historytelling is a travel through time in which we understand the emotions, the feelings, the scents and the daily routines of the people who lived before us and whose actions determined who we are now.